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Becca [userpic]

Does anyone even use LJ anymores?

October 17th, 2010 (01:18 am)

the temperament: confused

Well, if I used to speak to you on here, feel free to add me on facebook: HERE

If I don't know you, shoo. :)

~ Rebecca

Becca [userpic]


February 26th, 2009 (11:12 pm)

the place: off the walls
the temperament: bouncy
the sounds: "You've Got The Music In You" ~ New Radicals

I met the Tremaines. *insane grin*

And I continue to travel to MK on my days off even though I work there every other freakin' day of the week.

I try and stay out of Tomorrowland though. ;P The music ish getting to me.

Food shopping tomorrow. I hope my uncle can take me so I won't take the stupid bus.

Bought a bunch of pins - they are evil.

And I'm so Randall-obsessed at the moment. <3

Finished a Godspell commentary too. :)

*skips merrily off*

~ Rebecca

Becca [userpic]

How I Lost My Cell Phone

February 21st, 2009 (01:31 pm)

the temperament: annoyed

This ain't your "dropped it down the toilet" story. At least it would've been fetchable if it had.

It all started Friday morning. With the inspection and all, I thought it would be smart to lock up my stuff and put the number not anywhere in the room but in the booklet in my shirt pocket. The inspection people showed up whilst I was there, however, so there really was no reason. And, they gave me an 'F' for the floor because apparently I didn't vacuum, when I did - they are so anal, I swear. xP

Well, today I thought it would also be smart to put my cell phone in my shirt pocket, so I wouldn't have to worry about it possibly slipping out of my pants pocket.

I was on my trash run. Halfway across the parking lot to the dumpster, I realize that the dumpster has vanished. How, I don't know. It's a compactor - with those big metal walls to crush the garbage, and you really wouldn't think that this thing could get up and leave, but it apparently did.

The worst mistake came when I decided I wasn't about to travel all the way to Toontown to throw out my trash. I decided to use the AVAC at Cosmic Rae's instead.

For those of you who do not know what an AVAC is - it's a big scary tube that you throw garbage down, and eventually it sucks it all down to gods-know-where.

So yeah! I had my most favorite run of all - Astro. :P I had to go up to the Astro Orbiter and collect the bags of garbage. You can't put bags down the AVAC. So ... I went to empty the bags into the AVAC ...

I completely forgot that one bag was inside another bag because the stupid bag would not stop leaking.

And so, I took the stick, thinking I was going to make the park implode or something, and leant over, proceeding to take the bag out of the AVAC, even though it was ways aways down.

Aaaand ... you guessed it. The stuff in my shirt pocket fell into the AVAC. Most importantly my CELL PHONE! Which I really don't love in any way shape or form, but tis my only means of communication ...

I frantically called the Manager and he came to help. We wound up getting a long picker stick, and we PICKED IT UP TWICE!!! But it fell back down. :P It was actually kinda funny, despite my distress ... at one point, we sent a guy to get a flashlight, only to find out that the batteries were dead. x__x

Eventually, it got pushed too far down, and I couldn't see it anymore. I had to let it go. BUT we did get the stupid bag out of the AVAC. :P It was ripped, but it was out.

I just got someone about an hour ago to clip my combination lock, because I'd locked EVERY sort of valuable items in there, including my laptop.

I'm getting a new phone on either Monday or Tuesday. But still ... it was hell. I'm so far away from home, and I just lost my one constant form of communication.

Thankfully I had insurance. :D

This is definitely something I'll be telling my grandchildren one day. xD

~ Rebecca

Becca [userpic]

To Contact or Not To Contact ....

February 20th, 2009 (01:28 pm)

the place: living room
the temperament: anxious
the sounds: "Grace Kelly" ~ Mika

THAT is the question. :P

I've noticed some relatively-famous people are on facebook, of or pertaining to Adventures in Wonderland or Godspell. I'm fighting the urge to contact them because I always look insane when I do ... but it would be so cool to get in touch.

My problem is - is it worse to know that you've sent a message and haven't gotten a response, or to not message them at all? I think the first is worst.

Meh .. I'm so confused!

But I think I'll fight the urge. ;P

Though they'll never ever randomly contact me about my sites ..... :(

I just don't want my image of them in my head to get all screwed up. xP

~ Rebecca

Becca [userpic]

I'm in ORLANDO!! D:

February 4th, 2009 (10:14 am)
the place: kitchen (in my new dorm!)
the temperament: nervous
the sounds: "Disneyland" ~ Five For Fighting

Yesh. Much stress. Never flown alone, never lived alone (for more than 3 weeks) so ... but anyways. I'm becoming more independent, which is good. I'm getting up on time, getting to places and buses on time, food and clothes shopping alone .... but it's overwhelming with every new thing. It later turns out to be really no big deal, but ... I get teary-eyed only when I speak to my mom on the phone. I'm actually getting teary eyed as I wrote that last line. Pretty pathetic, no? What can I say? I'm homeward bound.

So anyways, I'm working in custodial - which doesn't sound very appealing but at least you don't have someone breathing down your neck every step of the way, and you get to interact with guests. And me? Well ... I'm usually a shy person, but lately it seems when I'm nervous and new to my surroundings, I snatch at the first chance to strike up a conversation so ... that can be both a good and bad thing. :P

I'm working in the Magic Kingdom soon - where exactly I'll be, I'm not sure, but they'll probably be sending me all over ...

Scariest part about this whole thing? I've never even had what could constitute as a real job before. XD So yeah! Loads and loads of stress!

I'll definitely not be uploading artwork due to lack of scanner, but I will eventually get back into fanfiction writing. I brought them all with me. :)

So for those I've spoken to in the past, if you message me, please forgive me if I don't respond right away. I'm just really out of it lately and on edge ... but surprisingly calm ... but still, it's insane.

I return home in four months, on June 5. I heard the months go fast ... I sure hope they do. I mean, I wanna have some fun and all, but really I want to stick this out just so I won't hate myself and because it will look good on a resume ... and it could probably help my chances of getting a job with Disney in the future. :D

Ta for now!

~ Rebecca

P.S- Check out this song - yes, I know I'm not in Disneyland, I'm in Disney World. ;P

Becca [userpic]

No More Negativeness, Great Job!

January 31st, 2009 (12:44 pm)

the temperament: bouncy
the sounds: "Sit On You" ~ Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

I saw Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! last night at the Nokia theatre. If you don't know what that is, google it, or stay up past midnight on a weekday and watch Adult Swim. I didn't really like them at first - they're an acquired taste. I like them now, and now I pretty much love them because ... the show was freakin' awesome. And, like I said, never wanna meet a celebrity, no matter how famous - didn't meet them, but Eric's eyes are creepy and it seemed like he was trying to make eye contact with every single audience member, including me. And all I did was gawk with my mouth open in stupid-happiness as I flashed my camera as much as I possibly could.

So yesh ... uhm ...

Seeing Cheech & Chong tonight - still have to pack ... I'm getting there. :P I know pretty much all I need - I'm just still using what I need to bring so I can't just pack it away, geez ... wish my parents would get off my case. Worse comes to worse I'll need to go shopping when I get there *le gasp*

I'll possibly make a new vlog tonight summing up both shows and my insanity as well as my opinions.

And I'll make a minute or two about my Disney excitement/stress. :D

~ Rebecca

Becca [userpic]


January 20th, 2009 (08:10 pm)

the temperament: amused
the sounds: "Fairy Queen" ~ Tami Stronach

I'm getting better ... emotionally ... physically ... and spiritually. ;D

I like doing vlogs, just because it helps for me to be more ... well, talkative for one - enabling me to speak on my feet (or butt, in this case) but it also helps me to realize my annoying mannerisms that people put up with every day and never tell me.

But my Macbook is in Mexico right now, with my parents.


Yeah, as if I can have one of those with all my beasties ...

Anyways, watch / subscribe / friend me on my new Youtube, peoples. ;D


~ Rebecca

Becca [userpic]

Shop Til Ya Drop!

January 11th, 2009 (11:07 pm)

the temperament: confused
the sounds: "True to your Heart" ~ Stevie Wonder

At least I didn't 'shop till I dropped' at the flea market.

I can't believe they use that motto.

What they should use is ....

"Buy crap till you drown in it!!"

Anyways! Instead of freezing my bum off at the flea market today, I went to an outlet in Jersey and bought all my clothes for Disney.

Normally, I'm not a clothes person - slap anything on my back and I'm happy as a clam, but this time ... I dunno, well, ... since I can't get away with just T-shirts and jeans, I tried on fancy blouses and stuff. And you know what? I actually liked myself in them. Who knew?

I felt like I was on 'Made' or something. And no I don't watch that show.

Exactly twenty days tomorrow till Disney ... well, actually in another hour ...

And though I'm exhausted I'll be up watching Adult Swim, no doubt.

I wanted to try playing Majora's Mask again, but I'm not sure ....

And now I just wondered if -- hey ... should I bring my N64 to Disney?

Well ... not if I don't bring a TV. Yes, they suggest you bring a TV. I was only going to bring my portable DVD player ....

They also recommend a toaster.

Call me crazy, but ... aren't those things potential BOMBS??? And I am bringing them onto a PLANE!!!


I don't want trouble - perhaps I'll ship Mr. N64 .... but am I going to have to buy a TV when I get down there, or what? And what about afterwards? Sell it? Throw it out?

So freakin' confusing.

I may just bring the N64 'just in case' .... and because my PS2 is a skeleton and I risk getting electrocuted each time I touch it.

It doesn't work anymore. But when it did, WOW! What a risk!

I should take a picture of the thing - no one seems to believe me.

~ Rebecca

Becca [userpic]

Helter Skelter!

January 3rd, 2009 (10:55 pm)

the temperament: accomplished
the sounds: "Helter Skelter" ~ The Beatles

Watch it!! x)

I put it together, but my brother was the true madness behind it. Literally.

Forgive that it's not the whole song - our converter was very cruel and snipped it in half. :( But ... we made it work anyways. :D

~ Rebecca

Becca [userpic]

Planning Fantasy Tribute Videos!!

January 1st, 2009 (01:46 am)

the place: frantically searching for Stardust
the temperament: aggravated
the sounds: "Inama Nushif" ~ Children of Dune

O-K! Positive note now because I want to push the negativity-ness that was my last entry ... and save such energy for my novels. :)

I need peoples' help, please!

I am putting together two fantasy tribute videos (as of right now) and I love meshing so many films into one video so I may do more. SO! You can help me by mentioning what you'd like to see added! Let's see how much can be in it before it bursts at the seams! *evillaugh*

Here are my lists. :)Collapse )

So, please ... HELP!

I know I'm missing some movies, I always am. So let me know!

If you can't think of any, help me to decide which ones on the indecisive list that I should use, and which ones I should not.

Stardust is currently the reason that these videos are at a standstill. :P Thanks a lot, Stardust! Freaking movie floats around my room when I don't need it, and as soon as I do ... it's gone. :P I've even cleaned out my mess of a desk and I still can't find it! x_x

I gotta send out a freaking squat team. x_x

Oh, and here's a rant.

I'm SICK of Youtube!

Who cares if I don't have the rights to music! I know some people illegally download it but c'mon!! Most people only LISTEN to the damn thing! And probably watch, but if it's my music videos they'll probably just listen. xD

I'm angry because my baby, my very first ever music video "Black Balloon" was just removed several minutes ago.

Luckily it's still on my computer but still!!!

I can't stand it! D<

I'll only seek vengeance by making them available on one-click downloads! xD

Youtube just doesn't see that they only make matters worse ... *nod*

I am red-head, hear me roar.

~ Rebecca

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